High Quality

Scale models with a high-quality finish. Airbrushed to your company colors

3D Printed

3D printing combined with traditional modelbuilding, laser cutting and CNC milling.

Trade show ready

The models can be used to display your large machines at any trade show.

3D printed scale models

We create scale models in any size. This particular model was created for Berghof Membranes and is a scale model of an industrial water treatment plant.
For a large trade show, a model was needed. The real plant has a length of over 11 meters long.
This scale model was created from existing 3D files the company had. The model is made at a 1:17 scale an is approximately 65 cm long.
The external frame is made of laser cut acrylic and most of the interior is 3D printed in high detail at a Moonray S100 DLP 3D printer. Everything is airbrushed in the colors specified by the customer.

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We provide custom made scale models and 3D printing services.

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